Your interpersonal quality
does not only depend on your actions

It is by getting to know your contacts better that you will ensure the relevance and effectiveness of your interactions.

Why Stalks ?

Because relying on reliable, compliant
and appropriate data is a complex issue

Heterogeneity and legality of sources, constant evolution of information, digital channels, open data, scraping and other processes, etc. An essential part of your business, working with data now requires continuous attention, a lot of time, extensive resources, and special expertise.

With an understanding of the business challenges associated with know-how in automated data processing and mastery of compliance issues, we offer you an ad hoc solution that allows you to focus entirely on your objectives.

What do you gain from it?


Reduce errors and low-value tasks by automating your processes


Keep an eye on your databases by testing and always benchmarking your data


Benefit from up-to-date files with accurate data at all times


Ensure the results of your actions by optimising deliverability

Our solutions

Boost your customer relations

  • Make all interactions with your contacts reliable
  • Check the compliance of your business relationships (due diligence, fraud detection, etc.)
  • Optimise your marketing campaigns
  • Consolidate your customer support
  • Control your sales cycles
  • Improve your prospecting targets

Consolidate your network

  • Create and develop relationships across generations
  • Maintain and increase the number of contributors
  • Support members in their professional careers
  • Boast your organisation’s solutions

How does it work?

A 3-cycle solution where each step has been designed to ensure you get up to speed quickly and get the most out of your organisation’s specifics and the way you want to manage your data.


Initial set-up and first improvement

Provision of measurement points to determine progress compared to the initial situation



Provision of a dashboard to monitor the evolution of compliance and data quality


Data validation on demand

Update of data based on customised rules and suggestions for adjustment from data checks on publicly available sources.

They trust us

About us

Founded in 2020, STALKS is a subsidiary of the OAKland Group, a Swiss group whose mission is to guide companies through the complex challenges of data security, data patrimony, data valuation and data capitalisation. Our goal is for you to use data in a way that meets the highest standards of data protection, while creating value for your business. Oakland maintains a significant GDPR practice, which, coupled with our proven data management expertise, has resulted in many companies adopting our services in different parts of the world.

If you are interested in our solutions or would like more information, we would be happy to discuss it with you: