Data Strategy

By taking a data-driven approach to your organisation’s strategy, you can rely on accurate, factual information to make informed decisions, optimise processes, identify opportunities and improve the overall performance of your business.


Identify new

We will guide you towards a new generation of data-driven services and business models, with a view to turning your data into a real asset, and we will define and implement the execution roadmap with you.

Assess the potential
of your data assets

Thanks to our methodology and our experience, we can help you to evaluate and assess your establishment’s data potential. We can help you create value from your data.

Securing your company data

Data can only be valued if it is secure, compliant and reliable. That’s why we ensure that confidentiality and data protection are taken into account right from the design stage during the vision development process.

How can we help you?

As your partner, we can help you implement your data strategy and ensure that your current and future data becomes an asset for the development of your business.

  • Technology should be seen as a vector that unlocks your company’s potential.
  • Our customer is a long-term partner, and we take care of them.
  • We build or adapt to target rapid gains for your business.
  • We believe in evolution, not revolution
  • Your heritage is our priority, because of its richness and uniqueness.
  • We are pragmatic, not dogmatic
  • … and realistic, not fanatical
  • Your establishment and your activities are our priority
  • You deserve nothing less than excellence

An innovative way to activate your
data strategy

A methodology focused on your business to develop a bespoke operational roadmap
roadmap for activating your data strategy

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Founded in 2020, STALKS is a subsidiary of the OAKland Group, a Swiss group whose mission is to guide companies through the complex challenges of data security, asset management and capitalisation. Our ultimate goal is for you to use data in compliance with the highest data protection standards, while creating value for your business. Oakland’s proven expertise in data strategy, management and compliance has enabled many businesses to adopt our services in different parts of the world.


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