Data Quality

Heterogeneity and legality of sources, continuous evolution of information, digital channels, open data and other processes, etc. Essential to your business, working with data now requires constant attention, a great deal of time, extensive resources and special expertise.


Improving efficiency

Accurate, relevant and correct data is essential for real operational efficiency. It is also a prerequisite for appropriate management of your processes.

Increase the performance of your actions

Information gathered from multiple reliable sources, both internal and external, as well as contextual data, is used to inform decisions relating to key issues, as well as to personalise and even anticipate services to the third parties concerned.

Working in complete safety

Ensuring the ongoing compliance, confidentiality and security of your data assets is not only key to the success of your business, it is also fundamental to its survival.

How can we help you?

Acting as a close partner, we work with you to ensure that your key data constantly delivers the highest operational, business, strategic and financial value

  • It is essential that this data remains reliable, secure and compliant, and can be activated at any time in an omni-channel environment.
  • This data must be continuously enriched
  • Contextualising its use is a major asset to your company’s performance
  • It is essential to capitalise as much as possible on your existing data assets and to reveal them
  • Information only needs to be produced once, but for several different uses
  • Your company’s performance is immediately positively impacted
  • …as does the degree of trust and perceived value on the part of third parties in your ecosystem
  • …And the estimated value of your company

The quality of your relationships
doesn’t just depend on your actions

By getting to know your contacts better
you can ensure that your interactions are relevant and effective.

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Founded in 2020, STALKS is a subsidiary of the OAKland Group, a Swiss group whose mission is to guide companies through the complex challenges of data security, asset management and capitalisation. Our ultimate goal is for you to use data in compliance with the highest data protection standards, while creating value for your business. Oakland’s proven expertise in data strategy, management and compliance has enabled many businesses to adopt our services in different parts of the world.


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