How can data help to improve the work-study experience ?

Eva Le Floch, OAKland Group For a long time now, students have been using standard differentiators to choose their future higher education institution, such as quality of education, accreditations, or number of international partners. In recent years, the concept of…

Blockchain: A revolution for higher education?

Grégoire Guillemin, OAKland Group How blockchain is becoming a revolutionary solution for higher education, and for diploma certification in particular. By adopting blockchain, institutions are improving the quality and reliability of their certification system and at the same time ensuring…

Apprenticeship tax and Alumni

Anna Mika, OAKland Group In France, taxable companies are real assets for schools. The apprenticeship tax paid by these companies contributes to funding the schools, through alumni offices or associations that maintain the link between former graduates and the schools….


Founded in 2020, STALKS is a subsidiary of the OAKland Group, a Swiss group whose mission is to guide companies through the complex challenges of data security, asset management and capitalisation. Our ultimate goal is for you to use data in compliance with the highest data protection standards, while creating value for your business. Oakland’s proven expertise in data strategy, management and compliance has enabled many businesses to adopt our services in different parts of the world.


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