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In a rapidly changing educational world, mastering data strategy is becoming a must for improving learning and institutional management. This article explores the latest trends in educational data strategy for 2024, offering insight into the innovations and practices that are transforming schools and universities. From predictive analytics to personalized teaching, discover how data is shaping the future of education.

Adopting data governance

In the world of education in 2024, institutions are strengthening their data governance strategies to better structure and secure critical information. As data collection and use increases, universities and schools are stepping up efforts to create dedicated data management roles, including improvements in reporting and analysis technologies. These changes aim to make data not only more accessible but also more usable for all stakeholders, from decision-makers to students (EDUCAUSE) (Salesforce).

Integrating AI and predictive analytics

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are gaining ground in the education sector, helping to transform the way institutions manage student enrolment and retention. These technologies make it possible to anticipate student needs and behaviors, improving interactions between students and institutions and contributing to a more personalized educational experience. Proactive data management also helps optimize resources and improve student results (DATAVERSITY).

Non-traditional learning models

By 2024, education will see a significant increase in non-traditional learning models such as micro-schools and micro-learning. These methods, which rely heavily on technology and gamification, offer an alternative to traditional teaching methods and emphasize innovation and collaboration. Micro-schools, in particular, offer a more personalized and adaptable approach to education, responding to the diverse needs of students and allowing greater flexibility in their educational journey (eSchool News).

These trends underline the continuing evolution of the strategic use of data in the education sector, where the focus is on improving institutional effectiveness and enriching the student experience through advanced technologies and innovative pedagogical approaches.

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