Together, we are going further

We offer a wide range of services in the area of data strategy, operations and compliance. In order to provide you with an end-to-end value proposition including audit, consultancy and service delivery, OAKland has created a trusted ecosystem of technology, business and academic experts.

Technology Partners

We are experts in “Data Activation”, and to bring you the best know-how and the most recent technological solutions available on the market, we rely, when necessary, on partners who enable us to offer you a better service.

Business Partners

To complement some of our value propositions and make them more relevant to a particular sector or territory, we partner with players who are recognised in their field and/or their area of development, which sets us apart in the market.

Academic Partners

The world of higher education is opening up vast horizons in terms of cognitive science, data science and data analysis, but the sector is also undergoing a digital transformation in terms of both the student experience and the way students work. We have teamed up with academic organisations to offer a service that is as good as it gets.

Founded in 2020, STALKS is a subsidiary of the OAKland Group, a Swiss group whose mission is to guide companies through the complex challenges of data security, asset management and capitalisation. Our ultimate goal is for you to use data in compliance with the highest data protection standards, while creating value for your business. Oakland’s proven expertise in data strategy, management and compliance has enabled many businesses to adopt our services in different parts of the world.


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