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In France, taxable companies are real assets for schools. The apprenticeship tax paid by these companies contributes to funding the schools, through alumni offices or associations that maintain the link between former graduates and the schools.

 What is the apprenticeship tax?

 Any company subject to income tax with more than one employee, and whose head office is in France, is required to pay an apprenticeship tax. This tax represents 0.68% of the total payroll.

87% of this tax must be paid to the OPCO (Opérateur de Compétence), and from 2022 to the URSSAF. However, companies may choose to pay the remaining 13% to the school or training course of their choice.

Indeed, the main objective of the reversion of these taxes is to finance apprenticeships, but also to finance technological and professional training in the company.

Alumni, an opportunity for taxes?

One might ask this question, especially when the alumni, as former graduates of the school, play an active role as ambassadors. In addition, one must not forget that he or she is also a professionally active person who acts as a direct link between companies and schools.

Furthermore, some former graduates may hold decision-making positions in the company. These alumni are key to deciding whether to pay the apprenticeship tax – a great support for the school.

If the alumni enjoyed their school years, they will be in a better position to support it, ensuring that the apprenticeship tax benefits their school in the first place.

A lever for schools:

Apprenticeship levies are certainly a support for schools. Through this tax, schools draw on support that allows them to invest and improve their training.

The apprenticeship tax is a way to ensure student employment, to foster pedagogical innovation and to financially support the school and its teachers.

Moreover, thanks to these taxes, schools are able to set up new courses, particularly in the form of sandwich courses. These courses provide the schools with additional income, as companies are also required to finance them.

All this is only possible if the alumni offices, whose mission is to maintain a constant and relevant link between the alumni and the school, maintain a solid and efficient database.

Therefore, if schools want to reach out to as many alumni as possible, alumni offices and associations must have an up-to-date and complete database.

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